Do professional traders use stop losses?


Is it possible to have large market swings if you’re trading for a broker?

I’ve been told I wouldn’t have been able to make the market if I had gone for a broker. It’s possible but difficult!

Why do I buy or sell?

You buy on impulse.

How do I get started with market history?

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Search the history of all the companies you know. It’s a long list!

Can I buy or sell more than a thousand shares a day?

Yes, of course. It’s easier to trade large amounts if you don’t have a big margin account.

What’s the difference between a buy and a sell?

A short is if you sell a short, you receive a certain number of shares when you invest. The stock price of your short, when it breaks out, is usually equal to the price that you paid when you bought the stock. A long is if you own the stock for more than a certain period of time, it will be called a long position. A buy is when you send money to your broker. It’s also called a stop loss. The broker has to pay you a commission for selling and buying. A sell is when you move the stock to a new position. You will receive an amount (often 0.20% of the investment) when you sell.

A short position is where you buy the stock and sell the stock right after. This works for long term trades on your brokerage account, when you buy and sell the stock within a certain amount of time

Why buy and sell stocks? What’s the difference?

If you know something about the stock you’re looking at, you can easily tell its value and how much you want to get paid for it. For example, do you like it, or does it just not meet your expectations? You can then decide what to do with the stock. If it’s a new stock for you and you’re not sure what you want, then you should buy as soon as you are sure. If not, then you should sell as soon as you are sure.

A long position is where you buy the stock from your broker and sell it when you’re certain that it will break out. You should sell all your holdings because they will be worth a lot less than they were paid for!

What’s the difference between long and long term? What are the differences between the two types?