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All trade inquiries are welcome!

The New York City Council has passed a measure that requires police officers to hand over their phone and computer devices to federal immigration authorities, after the Obama administration announced in March that it was revoking the ability of local police to hold the devices until federal agents can take custody.

City Council members approved a bill on the vote of 26 to 9, mostly with Democratic support that included some minority votes. The City Council bill also imposes sanctions on those officers who fail to hand over their devices to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The measure was a response to last month’s Justice Department announcement that it was no longer honoring a program that allowed local police to hold phones and computers to collect records while they were in the possession of suspected criminals.

The Justice Department said it would not work with local police departments to hold devices until the federal government takes custody — making the New York provision a “defining” achievement in the Trump administration’s immigration efforts.

The Department of Homeland Security earlier this month also stopped honoring agreements with local police departments in the nation’s five largest cities that allowed police to hold phones and computers while they were in the possession of suspected criminals, according to Reuters.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

When I’m trying to figure out how to best organize my stuff, I’ve found some useful articles, but sometimes I really want a “how-to”. And that’s when this little project comes in.

Recently, I found a little tool in my Google Docs that helped me put all my files together into an easy to download, printable PDF file using a PDF creator, without needing the web-browser.

It might take a moment for you to realize what it is, but it’s the PDF.txt (PDF text file) generator.

This tool works by generating a little PDF file that’s easy to print, save, or share.

The format is XML, so you’ll find a list of its commands as explained in the link below to help keep it in place.

Once the file is generated you can put it wherever you like, with just one click, from your web browser.

Just a couple of examples to start with:

I could simply

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