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Hello Citra and everyone,

Citra is back from vacation and is going back to work. We’ve had an awesome time working with everyone and are looking forward to more fun in the weeks to come. Citra has a new video up on youtube. It’s called “Cryptocurrency: Invest” and is a great introduction to the world of investing in crypto. Let’s start with some of the basics.

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency and it has some of the most powerful and sophisticated technology known to man. Bitcoin uses cryptography to allow an online currency to be sent without a trusted party. The technology behind Bitcoin is incredibly secure and it’s very different than any other money you can think of today.

Citra has always been interested in cryptocurrencies and thought bitcoin would be the perfect vehicle to use Citra to help people buy and sell a cryptocurrency. It’s the ultimate cross between a cryptocurrency and a stock market because it’s easy to navigate and there are no complicated details to follow. However, you can’t buy and sell cryptocurrencies in the US and many countries. If a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin isn’t available for purchase or you don’t want to go through the hassle of transferring to your local bank, you can also trade it in your local currency. However, there are few methods for sending cryptocurrency to a person.

To start with, we wanted to make it so easy to buy and trade coins so we made it easy to get started. There are plenty of different options to buy coins, including buying from a trusted source in your own currencies without the trust. You can use an exchange like Kraken or Poloniex or you can make the investment direct by sending cash to the person you intend to buy from, like in our case. There are plenty of opportunities to trade in currencies and you can trade with any of the top coin exchanges. If you’re using Coinbase, you can trade directly with people and the service is currently the 2nd to the most trusted. There are plenty of options for buying and selling coins in your local currency, such as Bitstamp or Mt.Gox. For our investors, we offer a trading service that allows you to make real-time trades on our platform and then make a profit by trading the currencies in the same window.

However, you can not trade any currencies directly to

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