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– I can’t do daily forex but might be able to do trade forex in the future for someone who is willing to pay me what I am asking for a forex position. My forex trade positions will not be open for extended or immediate trading. I can’t trade overnight as my money does not “flow in” or out in a continuous fashion like a bank account or a stock market exchange but it will last a month-ish. I can “lock” my position in for up to 30 days. What is a forex “lock”? – If I were to offer or trade long positions in Bitcoin, I would lock it for one month. During the period of lock, it may be possible to trade for a little more if the currency market is in a bullish direction. But, lock and trading is not available for any long position in the market. The locks will remain open during the lock period. To use a lock: 1. You must first be offered a lock for one month. 2. Wait until the lock has been given. 3. After waiting for 30 days, you would have another opportunity to trade. – Will you trade forex? – What are my terms? – Can I exchange long and short positions? – I have more than 1 trade position open, what do I do? – I would love to trade for you but I must do it with someone else. We are looking for someone who has a large amount of Bitcoins. We are also looking for someone who is willing to pay at least $15,000 for a trade. This would include a minimum margin of at least 6%. If you meet these financial criteria, please send us an email. Email: – Please do not send us your contact information. – The following are required: – A valid email address – A name or initials for the email address (no full names, nicknames, phone numbers.) – A valid phone number (no phone numbers that are used by you or for you to call others.) – A valid phone number that is reserved and can not be used by you or for you to call others. – Will you trade forex? Do you have any specific trading rules for forex? Please help support my future career by helping to spread the word about the upcoming Cryptoo Conference. We have a lot of work ahead and need new blood and experienced traders and traders are great! Please, send out the following information or your contact information by this form. I have a question or would like

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