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How much do you have to pay? How long can trade you do? Do you have any fees? Do you pay commission? If yes, did you get what you paid for?

1 month or less $ 0.10 per trade

2 months or more $ 0.16 per trade

Trade history data

Trade history shows historical data about the current trade. It may include last trades, market news, current market prices, upcoming market dates, historical price quotes, historical time series data, trades with commissions (if any). Trade history does not tell you how much you made, how much you’ve lost, or who your current trading partners or competitors are.

As the U.S. government continues to work to protect the privacy of American citizens — and other countries around the world — a new report on global surveillance reveals a troubling trend: The United States is the only country that continues to monitor communications carried out by its citizens, an alarming revelation that has raised concerns among privacy advocates.

In the report, “Global Communications Privacy Report 2012” released today by the Open Rights Group, the group says that “nearly two-thirds of countries surveyed in the report (67/82) monitor citizens’ Internet use.” The U.S. topped the list of countries that “actively intercepted and stored” information (e.g., phone calls, emails, text messages, online bank information) about their citizens, by far.

The report was jointly conducted with the Open Rights Group Research Unit on Surveillance (ORG Research Unit), and its findings were presented at the open source privacy workshop Black Hat in San Francisco this past week.

The U.S. data suggests that the level of oversight among the countries surveyed isn’t particularly high. The U.S. has one of the lowest reports of governments monitoring international communications when it comes to the number of surveillance tools that are used.

For example, while 94 percent of European countries surveyed reported that they had a policy concerning monitoring telecommunications, the United States recorded only 28 percent of these. In fact, only seven countries reported the use of at least one of these surveillance methods, while four countries reported only one, and no country reported a policy of monitoring citizens’ Internet traffic on a government-wide basis.

While seven of these countries — including the U.S. — reported a policy that “is currently in place regarding Internet traffic,” and four also had a policy of “monitoring” Internet traffic, those policies seem to have largely

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