Can I retire on $300000?


Yes Can I retire on $50/hr? Yes

No Do you have any insurance programs? Yes

Yes Do you have any medical insurance programs? Yes

Yes Do you have any group/individual insurance? Yes

Yes Do you have any coverage for dependents? Yes

Yes Have you applied for and received your Employer Health Benefits Plan(s)? Yes

Yes Will I be covered for future life events? Yes

Yes Is there other benefits that I should check out? Yes

Yes Why I should buy a health plan? To protect my life, and reduce my health care costs. Insurance can help me get care, and will save money by paying my medical premiums.

Insurance can assist in helping you pay for your medications, or when your deductible is too low.

If your employer does not offer health insurance, it is also a good idea to consider buying a life insurance policy. Life insurance can offer protection in the event of a disease or injury that costs you money, or if you need help paying for your medical bills.

Do your insurance policies include maternity coverage? If so, does it include prescription drugs? Yes Yes. The policies include both maternity and prescription drug coverage unless the coverage is waived.

Do you have a prescription drug plan? Yes

Yes Do you have a medical drug plan? Yes

Yes Do you have coverage for the costs of dental care? Yes

Yes Are there any deductibles? Yes Yes.

The cost of coverage can run significantly higher for many retirees. Most plans will cover the cost of basic, everyday care for the family.

What about health care costs? For health insurance you need some form of a benefit package, otherwise it’s a no-brainer to buy coverage. Benefits cover costs from routine care to major procedures like heart surgery. For the average worker, having an adequate benefit package can help cover many of their medical costs, while not taking away too much from their quality of life.

What about health care costs? As a retiree, life insurance means you’ll continue to keep paying for your health care coverage, but your health care costs are limited to those that are covered by your company. For example, if your health insurance only pays for a $100 deductible, this may not be enough to maintain coverage. Your employer may be able to help you get more benefits from your insurance plan by offering supplemental health insurance. If your employer does, take