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The first thing I need to be is patient. I have to be patient because I am not going to paint an art piece for a living, I am going to make a living with it or something because I got an opportunity to do so.

You have a lot of art school experience. What skills do you still have?

What I still have in the realm of painting is the ability to go anywhere and create, that is where the ability to keep that craftsmanship to the best of your ability is where the big advantage is and one of the big things that will distinguish me from other artists, is that I am still developing that craftsmanship. There is still a lot of time and energy in developing that craftsmanship. It might take me two years or another two years. It really depends.

There are a ton of painting programs out there and a ton of companies that are doing painting training, but what’s the typical cost to participate in the program?

There are two ways that art schools are structured. The first is the private artist program and that’s where you go, pay for your tuition and it’s not free. You have to pay for your room and you have to pay for your food and some travel expenses. It’s really not a viable option to go there and learn to paint for free.

You end up doing a semester or two of art school, I think the average is two but it could range from about two to four.

There are other places now where they pay it for you to come to meet the artist and see him if you wish, but I have no interest going to a private program unless it provides the opportunity to be a painter for life.

What about college classes or is that too expensive? When I was in college, we used to find colleges that would send us some money for art classes or that kind of thing. We were able to get some scholarships, but they’re not free either. There are many places that will pay for you if you go, but most of them, they don’t pay you enough.

Do you believe in scholarships? What about teaching?

There is a lot of truth to that so I’ve always been in favor of it. I want to be able to have a college education as a painter because I know how hard it is to get there and I know how much it takes to go to college and pay for it. That is the most important thing about the program and the most important

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