What is the best way to learn to draw?

Learn the basic basic skills, I’m a huge fan of the Lettuce Method. The basic stuff makes for a lot of fun, but the “more advanced stuff” is probably most important for your practice in the long term, so I do that as well as I can.

What is your favorite drawing medium?

Nowadays I don’t draw as much as I used to. I just use my iPad as an drawing tablet and paint my paintings and sketches every day or two. Sometimes I do my drawing in a magazine and I can get a lot more satisfaction out of it, but that’s not as exciting as drawing digitally.

What is your current favorite drawing medium?

I love using the digital medium for my painting and drawing. I’m always impressed with the technicalities of the software, and most of the time it makes up for the lack of human touch (or, better yet, emotion). I love the fact that it’s my canvas that I can show off to a large audience, regardless of where I am in the world.

I was born in Germany, which makes writing for newspapers all the more interesting. I’m also a huge fan of the film industry, so I tend to like comics, even though I prefer my work drawn on canvas.

What’s something surprising about your work that you can share?

I’ve actually been experimenting more with digital painting for quite some time now, but for some reason the results aren’t very good. It’s not that they’re bad (sometimes they are a bit more fun to draw), but that they’re very “raw” and often just don’t evoke the same emotional reaction as hand drawn work.

What drew you to digital painting?

I’d always liked the art style and the look of the early cartoonists, but in the first few years of starting my career, my work just didn’t have the emotional power I liked (especially the hand-drawn stuff), so that’s what drew me to digital and to computers in general. As I started to learn about them, I soon realized that digital painting was the only way to get an artist who had more emotional depth to their work. It’s amazing how even for those artists who don’t seem to have much emotion, they still manage to put a lot of thought and emotion into their work.

What is the most important tip anyone can learn from you?

I’d say that, despite the things I’ve put in front of