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You may be wondering how we chose the best school for your art education. That is a question for you to answer. A list of the 12 best schools that we studied would be impossible to list as it contains the names of all, or almost all, of the top art schools, all of which have great art departments and fantastic art teachers.

While we know that there are many different ways to go to a great art school, our rankings are based strictly on our personal judgment. Therefore we are putting ourselves off the stage of the art world and into the domain of education. This means we take the student at large into account when deciding which school is the best. In this case we have put ourselves on the same level of sophistication as you (or I) might.

We hope some of our readers will be impressed by our experience with one of the top-ranked art schools, especially when it comes to teaching and preparing the students to become artists.

The top-ranked school in the category of best online art courses was Art Institute of Chicago. The University of Massachusetts at Amherst was a close second. Artworks and Technology is an online program for the creative arts that is accredited by The Association of Independent Colleges and Schools. Both schools have a wide range of art programs and courses available.

The rankings of the top-ranked art schools in this category may not be as conclusive as they are in other areas. First of all, many art schools do not admit students from outside of their program area. Also, some schools offer online courses that may be harder for students to obtain at home. Therefore, we cannot make any definitive statements about the value of an online art course.
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In closing, some of them may not seem that big of a deal to you on a personal level. But, with the number of art schools opening new online offerings every day, chances are that you will see this ranking change for you later in your life.

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