What is the best online drawing course? – How To Give A Drawing Lesson

That choice is yours. This is not an exhaustive list of programs to find the ideal one for you, but it will give you a good idea of what to look for when you start looking for an online drawing program.

Online courses are great!

As I noted with my first blog post, you can find a wide variety of online courses on any given topic. But they still cost a lot and you need to stick to a high level of proficiency. But don’t be fooled; online courses are great!

Online learning is an excellent way to expand and deepen your skillsets, and it gives you an opportunity to gain real world experience, no matter how advanced one is. You don’t need to spend a huge amount of money on expensive courses.

This is the best online drawing course on this list

The following courses were selected based on their value to the potential students. They also have some extra benefits that make them worthwhile for anyone who wants to get better at drawing. And if all else fails, don’t hesitate to try the free online course in the below links — it may work for you!

Drawing with a pen:

For beginners

This is one of the most used drawing classes in the digital drawing world. As the name implies, it is a great way to get started drawing. It’s not recommended for beginners because of the fact that students need to spend a considerable amount of time reading, practicing, and practicing some more. But it does help a lot.

The instructor can be any good friend you can imagine. The students get access to the entire program for free. And you can’t beat that — the whole program has nothing to open it for download. So you won’t miss any steps nor any shortcuts.

To start with I recommend this class (you can go to the homepage or get an e-card with information beforehand). It has a very strong focus on visual principles and is very good for beginners.

For more advanced students

In case you’re the advanced kid in the group, you can try an intensive 2-hour seminar.

That will certainly impress your instructor. There are three different topics each week of 45 minutes: drawing, landscape, and design. The seminar is taught by the same person, so there will be no confusion and problems during class.

After each lesson there is a Q&A session where you get to ask questions.

But be warned: it’s a long course

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