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– FREE drawing and drawing apps –

• PaintBox – Paint the way that you want, wherever you are!

• Draw – Create or edit photos, pictures, or other drawings!

• Illustrator Pro – An advanced drawing toolbox with over 35 brushes, layers, and shapes, plus a canvas editor.

• Easy to use brush and layer tools –

• Brushes – Draw with shapes with the shape brushes to create shapes that come to life

• Layers – Change the appearance of certain shapes with the layer layer setter.

• Path – A fun yet flexible and powerful tool with the ability to paint paths to create the look of a painting.

When it comes to the future of the Canadian economy and the economy in the country as a whole, the question now is: will a Canadian dollar be able to keep its crown?

Whether it is in 2018 or later, the answer will have a lot to do with the stability of the Canadian dollar once the Bank of Canada’s first interest rate hike in almost nine years hits, which the central bank is scheduled to do on March 15.

Here are some key numbers from the Bank of Canada’s March 18 monetary policy report, courtesy of Global Affairs Canada:

– As of March 17 2015, the nominal value of the Canadian dollar accounted for around two per cent of Canada’s economy. That’s equivalent to $1.1 trillion or roughly half of the annual gross domestic product. If the Canadian dollar had remained at its 2014 level, the value of the Canadian economy would have only roughly doubled in that period.

– The Canadian dollar was down 0.5 per cent versus the US dollar at this writing Tuesday. The euro was 0.3 per cent higher against the dollar, and the British pound was also a positive 0.9 per cent (but that’s still negative).

– In the United States, the dollar was down about 0.5 per cent from where it stood at this writing Tuesday, and the euro was 1 per cent higher. But in Europe the euro is now up about 0.35 per cent against the US dollar. While this suggests the euro is not under threat, there’s no guarantee that an overall weakening of the Canadian dollar won’t have an impact.

– As of March 17 2015, the Bank of Canada was expecting the Canadian dollar to depreciate between one and 5 per cent over the course of the year.

– The Bank of Canada

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