What is a self taught artist called?

Does the self taught artist have something to offer me?

What are the three parts of a painting? A title, an image and a form, which could they all be part of one painting?

I have painted the following four images: The Man Who Died at the Sea (The Lusitania Shipwreck)

The Carrot and the Wheat Field.

The Sea with the Ship in the Sky

The Ship in the Sea

Is it important to have a name?

How can the artist represent something to an audience and maintain their anonymity?

Can I use your techniques? I would like to try these and also incorporate you into a future project.

Is there a time limit on painting? This is something you’ve experimented with and I would be interested in seeing how you handle it. I see you’re a very enthusiastic individual. Will you be doing more paintings in the future?

Please answer all these questions as honestly as you can, it will give a great overview of your painting and who it is to you.

And finally, please remember that a lot of these questions just might be for you. You may not have the qualifications to be a successful painting teacher so it’s important to have a good understanding of how art, the medium, etc. can be used to convey an idea on paper. That being said, the results I’ll see are going to be very different from what you’ll get from a typical teacher.

With the 2017 NFL draft almost upon us, we’ve gotten a ton of questions about quarterbacks and how to draft them. As it turns out, it isn’t nearly as difficult as it sounds.

This is how you do it.

1. Draft two players

The draft order is pretty well set in place by this time. It makes a lot of sense to take one of these two guys early. There are many QBs at this point that are likely to fail to make the team in their rookie year, and they probably won’t be great either. So for a guy that is in your top 10 (or 10 and 20), you’re taking that. There can be a lot of argument why you take those two in the first place. But if they aren’t successful, they don’t help you in your first year.

To me it feels like the 2nd round is where you take the players you need to make the roster. It’s a great idea to find yourself one of these two