What is a self taught artist called? – Online Oil Painting Classes

We have a few: I want to know the story. I’m a lover. I love making things. I’m a maker. I’m a painter. I’m an inventor. Most of my creations are not so much me as I am my creations. When I’m making, I am not thinking about something I would like to have when it is finished. I am just making. I have a lot of creative juices just flowing. When I get to the point where a lot of things have a personality and a shape to them and if they are a little less beautiful because they are not in the exact shape that I wanted them to be I still like the way they look. They remain a form of my self that I have made. When I get to that point where I can’t do it any longer, where I don’t have enough time, I turn it off. I turn the volume down.

What kind of things do the people in the world inspire you?

I’m trying not to have someone that inspires me. I want someone who inspires me because I want things to change for the better. That’s the biggest inspiration. I feel it through my art. Everything that is good I want to make sure is also good for other people. I want to make things good for people. But I have to look at it from the perspective of my own person. How do I make it more efficient for all the other people in the world?

What’s the most interesting thing about art?

When I make things that aren’t my own I can’t describe it to you really. I mean I say, oh that’s great. I’ll tell you this one. It’s my favorite thing ever. It’s a thing that makes me laugh. It’s a thing that makes me smile. That’s the most interesting thing to me.

How do you see the world evolving?

The Virtual Instructor-Art Lesson Blog - Part 3
I think the world changes for the better but it goes both ways. At some point in the last thousand years when the world was very small and people had very limited means of life, one thing led to another and it was just a natural progression. It was the same thing all over the world. In a way people just needed to be taught and it was just part of what they needed—but then the way that the world was taught, and how the world was taught, turned around and suddenly they had a bigger world. Maybe they didn’t know it but something happened. It was one world. Now

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