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A self taught artist is a person who uses artistic expression and craft to bring out the best in himself or herself. There have been many self taught artists through the years. The art community is filled with many self taught artists because it is the art form with the greatest possibilities for growth in each individual.

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TAMPA (AP) — A former Tampa-area police official says he’s speaking for the family of a police officer who was killed while on duty on Saturday.
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The Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office says Sgt. Joseph Wolfe died during a training exercise at the Florida Highway Patrol’s training range at Hire-A-Cop. Sgt. Wolfe was working undercover with an undercover officer on his third deployment when he approached a group engaged in a drug buy.

Lt. Mike Slaton says a woman in the group told Sgt. Wolfe he was supposed to make a “verbal contact” with her undercover, but Wolfe instead pulled his gun from his waistband and fired at the woman.

Wolfe was responding to a report that heroin was found in a box of Kool-Aid.

The woman and her alleged buyer have not been charged.

Lt. Slaton says the woman is cooperating with investigators and will be spoken to on Monday about her arrest and his handling of the incident.

Investigators are also asking anyone who may have spoken with the woman immediately after the incident to come forward. A news conference could be held later Monday afternoon.

In a remarkable scene, a group of protesters gathered on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, last night to protest the police killing of an unarmed teenager. The demonstration came hours after Michael Brown’s body was found in the street and within hours after Brown had been shot and killed by Darren Wilson.

A group of about 10 protesters, including some who were armed, rallied at the scene in protest of the fatal shooting of Michael Brown. Some officers wearing riot gear stood at the site of the killing. There were several police cars with body cameras, not one of them mounted. Ferguson’s police chief, Thomas Jackson, addressed the crowd at a post

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