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There are a number of different styles of painting and the types are described in the main points on this page.

Note. The paintings are the best examples of the various styles of painting I list, but there are others you might also find interesting. If you want to build a collection yourself, here is a link to some other websites which will let you choose which type of painting you would like to have access to.

What is the relationship between painting and photography?

There are few more common images than photographs. Both painting and photography are art forms in themselves. As far as we are concerned they are not really different. A great example of painting is the canvas, which can be seen in the picture on the right, and is the material from which all art is made. The same is true of photography. You can just about see the “painting” of what your eye sees.

There are few people in the world who can produce paintings of such brilliance that the ordinary, even to the eye unguided by scientific observations, can’t detect or believe it.

What’s to be said about paintings of ancient Greece and Rome?

The best examples of art produced by the ancient Greeks and Romans are the statues of Hercules in Rome and the frescoes on the Great Wall of China. Both of these examples were clearly done by a master at their level of skill.

Art by the Romans, in fact, is even closer to painting than that by the Greeks and Romans, especially after the collapse of imperial Rome, when the style of art changed. The Roman Empire was far poorer than China, and it could hardly buy enough marble to paint the entire wall of the Great Wall.

The problem that existed for the Romans was probably that they did not have enough of a style of painting in which the style is expressed through shadows and forms that are clear and detailed, with no lack of details, without any shadowing and with no distortions which might confuse the viewer. To make this work the Romans needed models in which to see the form of the things they were looking at, just as we need them in a painting or a photograph.

The problem was that the model needed to appear to exist, to be in the image, rather than having been brought by natural forces such as atmospheric pressure or wind. A problem that had not been solved since the days of the cavemen, and probably wasn’t solved for a long time.

When the Romans discovered the great fresco

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