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it is safe to use it. i am using it to share my knowledge on programming for my students. i used it to build my own network analyzer from what i found online.

why does it say that i have to run the script 2.8-1.1 to make change in my website and not 1.4-1.6?

it says to update your script to the latest version. that is a problem because some users downloaded the script and used it without updating. for 1.4 i would recommend changing the script to 1.6.

where can i get an ipv6 address from the client server? is it the ipv4 or the ipv6 address of the client server itself?

i think that it is very important that an ipv6 address is created to allow the client to find the site on the web. i am using this server myself and i created my own ipv6 address for my ipv6 address of my server for the client side. i have written a custom script for the client to find this address if the IP address was not changed to ipv6. this script will be part of the next update to the program. please see for further details.

can i have the user create a user account using the free account (i can have the username but is not set to a password) or can i be able to create user accounts with the basic account (user can not change anything).

i think that the default username is a little to much and it is not good for what i am trying to do.

does anyone know what is the difference between username and logon password for a server? i have noticed on several sites that the username has no specific meaning when it is not the login password. what i meant to say with the username is “this server can only be reached through login”.

it says that to set up a user account the user needs to first create a free account at using the e-mail address created for them at

i thought i could just type my username and go. and now i see that typing is a problem.

will the free account help with any of my issues with this?

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