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i just noticed the warning, and the site uses a non-default port so i doubt they will be ok.

After a brief break for the holidays, we hope you are still ready to get to work on the next season of Heroes of the Storm. As we head into the new year, we would like to take the opportunity to announce a few changes to Season 3.

There have been some suggestions that the Season 3 format should continue along the existing progression path with new seasons, but we have had to alter our own plans as part of these changes. Our first season will be the standard 20 games with no Playoffs, as is the way things are currently structured.

We’re not announcing or taking the reins of a new Season, so the current format will remain in place and will be used for all Season 3 content.

With that said, we have also modified our rewards structure for Season 3. The rewards are going to be split more along the lines of previous seasons:

New Season: 50 Heroes

Ranked Season: 50 Scenarios

Ranked Season: 50 Custom Games

Ranked Season: 20 Custom Matches

We are also making it easier for players to earn these rewards as part of our Season 3 promotions. For example, if a player is currently in the regular Season rewards path, they can earn the following for their first rank:

Complete the Ranked Season (no need to play Ranked matches), and win or tie for the highest cumulative Win-Reward

Earn 200 Win-Rewards between the regular Season rewards and ranked Season rewards. (1 Win-Reward for each Rank Up)

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Earn 2 Competitive Point

Earn 25 Competitive Points to rank up to Gold for the first time in an Arena match

We also removed some existing incentives from the season progression for players who are currently playing in an Arena league.

Ranked Season: No longer required to have played Ranked in Season 2, will not reward points, will now award 5 bonus Champion Points to the winning team member

Ranked Season: The first rank award is now 5 bonus Champion Points and will now award 15 bonus Champion Points for each rank up to Gold

Ranked Season: Reduced Rank rewards and reduced experience required to attain each rank by 5%

There are more incentives planned for the next weeks of the season, to give you and your team more options to enjoy the experience that the new structure offers.

We thank you for all of your passion and enthusiasm for the game,

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