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While skill-based rewards (i.e., gold or silver) can provide a reasonable value and serve as a means of incentivizing players to play more, they also introduce problems. In practice, gold and silver provide little value when the reward is simply the ability to level up. Even if a player takes skillshare and/or a good chunk of XP, they may not actually use the full amount of XP they earn to progress higher in level.

By focusing on rewards for improving gameplay or achievements, Blizzard may make game mechanics more important to the player but that may reduce fun and overall player engagement. A simple mechanic, like a new skill, could offer a substantial challenge to the player without taking anything from the broader experience. By limiting this type of reward to those in a sense “skilled,” Blizzard may have an easier time motivating players to play.

What is Blizzard’s take on skillshare?

Like many games, Blizzard has its own ideas on how skill share should be implemented. The game developer posted on their official website that the system should be “fairly similar” to how XP is earned in Diablo (a system which also encourages you to “level a lot”). This “fair” idea puts Blizzard on the wrong side of the issue, as it actually exacerbates the problems players find themselves in.

While it can certainly be true that the XP system is fair, leveling up while taking into account the skill share is not. On the one hand, players who aren’t as skilled as others may be able to receive the experience advantage over others even when they are not as skilled. This is the most commonly applied form of skillshare but not always the ideal solution for players who don’t want to take a risk on leveling.

On the other hand, if players aren’t rewarded for skill but instead take advantage of their “skillshare,” they are giving up some of their advantage over others. They may be less prepared to succeed at a given scenario, thus reducing their chances of success. This, in turn, puts an overall burden on the player who takes advantage of the system to be able to handle the situation they are in.

At Blizzard, we always strive to be fair, and the system we have in place for skillshare is designed to do just that. We want to make sure skillshare plays a part in determining how and when you progress in a battle (and other, non-game mechanics). For those who don’t feel that skillshare is fair under certain conditions

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