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It’s true that drawing involves visual imagery, with our hands, but some parts of painting are so much easier than others as well. I started going on painting retreats as a kid. You have to learn to paint in the dark. It’s very easy to get distracted without knowing it and then your technique begins to fail.

I’m glad I’m not in charge of painting.

You are?

Yes, I am! I spend my free time painting and working on my other passions…

You paint like a mad man with a hobby.

I do.

Any hobbies you would like to pursue?

Oh, I would like to write some novels. I am working on the first chapter of my first novel. That’s it for my hobbies.

Any final words?

Well, I have one final suggestion that really applies to every kind of music…

Do you think that music has something special to offer the art world? Is it more creative, or does it have the added benefit of bringing people together?

Absolutely. Music has the power to bring people together, to bring people together in a big scale for the first time. I think that’s one of the most incredible gifts of the music. But like a lot of things, it’s a very selfish thing. Even if you’re at a concert and something awesome happens, people are still going into the dark side of their brains. So when people hear this amazing thing happen, it just seems like the worst thing that could ever happen. But it has a very healing value about it. It makes you feel important and important to do something.

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What else would you like to share with this reader about music and art?

Well, my last piece featured four instruments — a guitar, a flute, a piano, and a voice, which is sort of like a recorder — but it is a different instrument from all these three things. This piece is an instrument in its own right.

You have one, right?

And I would like to make a song and perform it on live stage!

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