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I’m going to answer that in the form of a two-part challenge: Part 1, Part 2.


First up, let’s talk a bit about the different types of art for video games. Art can be made up of many different things — backgrounds, objects, buildings, environments, etc. — or it can all be painted directly onto a 3D digital painting. Depending on the game, the visual design and aesthetics can be split up into two categories: The first is the visual “art” — it can be just plain, square, rectangular, or any other style. This type of art can be done as an extra in a game, and it can, and should be, used for the gameplay design. The second category of artwork is the “gameplay” or “story” art — it can be the actual game graphics, the character designs, or the environments, and it can be used in conjunction with the gameplay in some way.

Let’s walk through each of these categories for a minute.

Visual Art


The first category of art is the visual art that the game designers create. This is the art that will be in your game — any images that appear in the menus, in the menus and on-screen graphics, the game’s cutscenes, etc. — or any sprites, textures, and other designs. Of course, the designers can also create things that aren’t directly in a game, such as in-game sprites, environments, or other designs; these will have to fall under art for gameplay as well. (That said, developers have often come up with clever ways to include the game’s art directly into a playable game.)

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In addition to this visual art, the game designers usually design the game’s text, voiceover, background music, and the various sounds that you hear in your game. These designs are all created with careful attention to detail, not to mention the attention to detail in a game’s graphics, which is not as simple as it may sound. They can be complex, but it is important to remember that, if done correctly, they are a crucial part of the game that players will be most excited about.

The art does not have to stay within the same theme, but it should not be overwhelming. It should make sense and be easy to understand. This means that it should not be so detailed that you can’t make out anything; it is the same as drawing a character in a 3D engine

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