Is online certification valid?

Yes No Is online certification valid? Yes No

I can’t buy anything to test my score, how can I score on my free trial?

You can buy’s free test prep products through any of our partner sites.

I’m not a real person, how do I obtain credit for my score?

If you don’t want to spend time to complete a full background check and obtain your score, you can register and receive credit for your score on by using the credit you’ll get from having us do a quick background check on an existing user after they complete the free trial.

I’m taking the free trial, what can I expect?

The free trial provides access to all of the test prep features that you can purchase and use for a limited time (24 hours). You’ll see every page that you’ve been interested in, which may include test prep guides, interactive quizzes, quizzes on different questions with various practice, etc. After your trial has ended, you’ll be returned to this page to continue reading everything from the free trial.

If I’m an experienced user and find something in the free trial I’m not happy with, can I take the full test?

Yes, you are allowed to take the free trial. However, we want you to feel comfortable with your test score before you take it. So when you’re finished using the free product, we encourage you to start our premium service.

I found a bug in the free trial, what is the quickest way I can get help?

You can visit We’ll be able to respond to any bug report within one business day or the same day if you’re not located in the United States. If you need to reach us more quickly, you can reach us through Skype at
This article, posted by Matt Fussell in 2016, deals with tips for ...

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