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Valid by a date specified on the certificate (May 2, 2012).

The online training certificate is issued by the department only, which means it is valid from May 2, 2012, until the expiration date specified on the certificate (or by the end of the calendar quarter). However, for most courses in the Department of Public Counsel, online training is not valid thereafter, unless the department waives the online training requirement and the course is a required course for the degree or certificate, or unless it is offered at no cost to students (the fee may not be waived and the courses offered are not subject to the online certification requirement).

What are the conditions of online certification?

The online certificate serves as the official document of instruction. During classes and during the course exams, a student will be expected to: follow instructions, be prepared and be prepared to test himself or herself and to answer questions with precision and accuracy; not plagiarize; not knowingly deceive a fellow student, a faculty member, the department, the University or the public; and not knowingly violate the rules of university and state law and will be warned in writing if he or she violates the rules of university and state law. All online certificates will include a signature for student verification or the signature of the instructor in order to verify receipt of online training by the student.

What are the qualifications to take online course?

No more than one semester (12-15 units) of course work is required for all online courses offered by the University of Virginia. However, a student may take up to eight units of course work (in-person only) for credit toward the degree, as long as each unit is assigned a specific department or level of education and meets the requirements as prescribed by the institution or college.

Coursework may be required in-person or via electronic media, including course registration forms, exams, quizzes, and other forms.

Each department or college shall have an official course web page that includes information on course requirements.

When shall online certificate be valid?

Online certificates are valid by a date specified on the certificate (May 2, 2012).

What is the process of becoming certified online?

Online certification is available for students from Virginia State University in College Park, Fairfax County, Fairfax County Public Schools, Virginia Tech, the University of Pennsylvania, George Mason University, Temple University, The George Washington University, Wake Forest University, and William & Mary University in Maryland.

A student must apply

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