Is online certification valid? – Online Art Classes India

Yes It is!

Where may I order certification?

You can order certification by clicking on the Certification link below.

Can I order certification online? No Yes, please call our certified support staff at (800) 786-3427


What materials are needed for my certification?

Certification is completed by reviewing and evaluating the materials.

What services do you offer?

At VPSL we provide service, software, and configuration management for Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting and virtualization. We use our expertise to answer all of your questions, troubleshoot your configurations, and customize your service to meet your requirements. Let our team help you secure and manage your VPS hosting and virtualization systems.

What information does your company collect?

We collect information on the configuration, performance, and security of a VM, network, or host. A full list of the information we collect by site is available from . This information is used by your support team to answer your technical questions, support and troubleshoot your configuration, and customize your service to your needs. We also keep records for billing and other management tasks.

How do you collect my personal data?

Information such as your name, your email address, the name of the virtual machine, and the name of your local Hosted Solution administrator is collected through contact information, billing information, and other administrative methods. You can control your access to your data by following the appropriate procedures.

How sensitive information is collected?

We use a variety of security standards to protect the information we collect through the Customer Portal. We collect personally identifiable information only where required by law to do so. This includes where we obtain the required authorization from a court order. We retain your personally identifiable information only the shorter of:

1) in the country in which the Customer resides. Our records of personal identification, such as name and address, are retained for the minimum period of one year (unless our data centers relocate or change their security or legal obligations).

2) if we disclose that information outside of those countries, we will retain that information for the minimum period of one year (unless we must retain it for legal or compliance obligations and that period is not the shorter of one year or one month). If you have your personal information transferred outside

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