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To determine if online certification from VITA is valid for a particular area to receive VA benefits, a specific reference to the area in which an assessment has taken place must be included with the online certification. The reference can be provided by an individual employee whose name can be found on VITA’s own online application, if one is available. It can also be obtained from VITA’s website, or by contacting VITA directly at 511.531.8000 or For additional information about the evaluation process, visit Please note that all of VITA’s online assessments are conducted in accordance with the following: (a) all of the assessment questions must be asked during an online assessment and completed by the time the online certification is issued; and (b) it is not necessary to complete an online assessment or submit it to VITA for online certification. VITA is not responsible for any loss in benefit as a result of failing to complete an online assessment in accordance with these requirements.

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Is VITA the only agency that offers online assessments?

No, VITA can administer or certify online assessments. VITA’s other web-based tools include our JobSearch site and the Job Corps career-development site.

What is the most cost effective course for obtaining an online job offer to the VA?

Online programs can be both costly and a little bit complicated, but the cost of an online course can be a small fraction of an individual’s monthly salary. In 2016, one study of 200 veterans evaluated an average degree in computer science and applied computer science to a $80k federal contracting job offer at a local government agency, and a similar study conducted in 2015 evaluated an average degree in computer science, applied computer science, and math to an $8.5k federal subcontract job offer at a local government agency. The study found the cost of a single course and the cost of individual courses to be approximately $3500 (a 3.0X cost) and $3000. (Note that this study did not include housing, utilities, or other incidental expenses.)

Online courses can provide additional value where the need for advanced research, or greater technical competency, exists than online learning programs where there is time available. For example, a student completing an online degree in computer science may be able to apply his or her education and skills in

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