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Why did the boy with the white hair choose a pen that would cost more than most people’s entire income? Why would the young man with braces go to a school that was not only the richest of the wealthy, but the most prestigious? He had to get to that point and he found the answer by going to church. That was when his journey became a great adventure.

His mission is to lead us to God’s kingdom, not to be a member of a church that is in crisis of survival.

This story is a tale of faith and a man who goes through difficult situations because he believes. This is my story.

“You see this book is a bible that you can actually read,” is the story of my faith. I believe in the Bible and I believe Jesus Christ is real. I believe in the miracles and he was not all fainting-induced flirting and crying. I believe in the miracles, God is real, but he can’t do everything.

I went to church a few years ago and read through the whole Bible, and it was amazing. I had the impression that there’s always been a mystery that goes on with the Bible, and then people who believe it are the ones that have solved the mystery. They are the ones who are going out into the world and dealing with all the challenges that we deal with. What I believed in, was that Jesus is real, but only God knows his plan and what he would do when he has a prophet in his hand.

I went to church a few more times and read through every bit of it, and I didn’t see anything to be wrong with it. When the pastor told us the story of Jonah, we heard his voice. Jonah was a fisherman but in his quest to catch fish, he had to face many a storm and wind up dying of malaria. God had decided that God wanted us to be fishermen before we were born, and as time passed, God taught us about fish. Then we became farmers.

When people ask me what they should learn from me and where they should go to have the power and confidence to speak about Jesus to others, I tell them that being born again means that you’ll become the prophet Jonah. You might need that.

I am a huge Marvel fan. I’ve been a DC fan since I was 15. I still love The Flash. I think it’s brilliant, it’s got all the elements of a good superhero story. But it also has some moments

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