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I’m going to take it on a “how to learn to draw” page at the end and show how to draw something that is too big to draw. I’ll also show you that if you can keep working for a long time on something like this, it can make you good at things you weren’t even thinking about. The first tip is the easiest. The next one is hard, but if you want to build your portfolio, it can actually pay off and help you draw. I’ll show two different paths you can take: the easiest one is to do a lot of work on one picture and get good at that. This way you end up with a lot of big pictures. You get to see the technique of drawing a large piece really early, and see that the idea of how big a piece is can be applied to something much smaller. This is called learning to draw the small. Another way is to draw something and just do all of the small stuff. Then you can see there’s lots of different methods and patterns that have to work together. This can give you a feeling for the idea of the size of things. And a big picture is easy to paint. When I began drawing, I was drawing a big picture on one sheet of paper on a white board. I didn’t bother with anything else; I didn’t paint my lines. I just drew this big, white picture on the board, and then I’d start to draw in the rest of my sketch book. I had a few big paintings that I did. I was kind of happy about my stuff coming out. If you like large pieces, try these other ways:

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One thing that can make you good at drawing large pieces is not doing them. Draw small pieces so you can use your imagination in those spots to make them better. For the first half hour or so you don’t draw at all. You just use your imagination while painting, and later you get to draw some lines when you need to. You can draw anything you want, but it doesn’t have to stand out. It can be pretty simple: draw small stuff. When you paint, you think about how you want your picture to be, so you’ll start to sketch stuff. So start drawing. Don’t stop until you know what you want to paint. By the way, if you look at the book, you’ll see I have a section in one volume on making a drawing. But first we’ll take a quick look at some of the big points as to why you

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