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No, that is not a valid answer. The answer is that we can learn to draw but not the ability to accurately convey what will happen after the drawing is completed. You cannot always tell whether you will be able to draw.

The most important question is this: Are you ready to learn?

Do not assume you can learn to draw at all. You are not ready by any means. It takes a very long, dedicated, and patient person to learn to draw well.

It does not take much knowledge to draw accurately. The most important factor is knowing how it is done. You cannot always tell whether you will be able to draw. This is true, but it is different from being ill-equipped to draw properly, which is what happens on a regular basis when your eyes are glued to the pencil, and when you cannot concentrate properly.

The best time to learn to draw is when you are not under any stress and can draw without the distraction of thoughts. If you need to think about it during the drawing, this is the time to stop.

It is important to learn not too very well if you only want to draw and nothing else. If you want to become a better artist, you must learn to draw better.
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For some, this can be done by looking at pictures of people or animals or drawings of things done on paper, in pencil, or as a drawing tool. But in most cases, it is better for you to learn by doing. Just because something is done on paper doesn’t mean that it is easier to do well.

It is not always possible to master a discipline by looking at good examples or looking at the great talent of someone. You should do something by yourself and see if it is something that you are good at. If it is not, repeat the exercise, and if it is, do a bit more.

By learning by doing, if you try to learn by looking at good paintings, you will fall right back into a problem because they seem so “professional”.

A person who looks at a good painting at home is likely to not be impressed or even interested. And you will not feel good doing it unless it will satisfy you at least. A person who looks at great paintings only as a gift or to sell is likely not to find them as stimulating.

The only way you get new knowledge is to practice. In the art of drawing, practice is the key to a new understanding. No matter how long it

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