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In a word: Nope.


Because as of the 1960s, children who didn’t have access to technology at age 8 often didn’t make it to age 16. Their brains are still developing into a young person’s brain. Not many schools had the resources that have created a world dominated by technology in an age where the idea of learning to draw really takes off. So, if you want your child to become an artist, his or her skill at drawing is the biggest determining factor.

Your first question might be, “I’ll be lucky if my kid can master the basic concepts and get to the point where he or she will be able to use all of them.” In reality, you probably could, but there are a few important things you still need to consider.

What type of technology will your kid use? You want to try and make sure that if your kid doesn’t have access to the latest video game, tablet or game console, that you can still make sure that he or she gets to see and understand things that are relevant to his or her own life as a kid.

Your kid, like most kids, will go to school for five years before he or she can start using technology as his or her primary tool for learning. In addition to that four years of education, there’s a lot of additional education that has to happen in addition to reading, writing, arithmetic, and the like.

You need to make sure that your kid can use technology in a way that is still relevant to him and his future as a kid. For example, in the past parents have found that many of their children don’t use their phone when at school.

Another thing to consider is whether your child uses digital photography. Some kids do. Others do not. It is a personal decision for your child.

Will he or she be able to connect with things that are important to him and his future as a kid? What might be really interesting and helpful to a child is to be able to relate to someone’s life story. So, this is where digital skills are crucial; your child can learn by seeing the person behind the image, and then, through the interaction with the person, he or she can build a life of their own in the future.

How has your child learned that?

Now that your kid has been exposed to a variety of information from many different locations, will he or she have developed some sort of sense of the important

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