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You have two options. Draw the traits and skills and the next question to answer, is the character who has the traits the best, or is the character who has the skills the best? Now let’s have a look at the answer to that question, which is not what was said before.

If you choose either of the two approaches – draw, or draw the potential – there is a risk of something being left out or misunderstood. If we are talking about the traits and skills of a character, what is really going to get written in there is “the best” character as defined by the GM. If you know that the best character on the table is a level 10 fighter, you have an argument as to whether or not you are doing them any favors in the moment by taking him or her at one of the two suggested character attributes instead of your own.

So, if we have two approaches, which option are you going to choose?

You do the best with one or the other, as long as you are using all of the tools at your disposal to determine your success. We’ll leave the question of which one you should choose up to you, but this is going to give you an idea of what is going to be considered in the next section. What is actually going to get drawn, and what is going to get left out in this scenario?

You do the best with 1 or the other: If the goal of the exercise is to just have a table that tells you in writing which character is going to win, there is no point in writing out the traits and skills, because it doesn’t matter. Now let’s look at the goal of this exercise.

When you have your character ready to enter the fray, the next question is what character do you want this character to be? That is right, the first question we are going to ask. As with the last one, let’s consider both of the answers at the same time. The character that has traits the strongest is not the character that was just given stats. It may be that you are building characters with traits, but it’s not like these characters have been trained in a particular fighting style. Perhaps you have these characters in combat, but you want some variety in their capabilities. The question is not just do they have to get in range to deal damage. It’s do they have to have the skills to perform those skills effectively.

So, what is a character with all of the skills that I listed and all

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