Is art a talent or a skill? – Types Of Portrait Drawing

Are we all born a bit like James McAlister? Are there some traits you can develop over the course of your life and some that aren’t?

I find that it is very hard to give a clear indication of what a talent is and what it is based on. I don’t know that I have had a clear insight into what traits I will develop over the course of my lives. I think I’d like to think I’m a good runner but I’ve never had any track or track-based talent in my life. And I think it would be difficult to describe the different ways in which I feel the different things help me in different ways – it’s really that personal. I don’t think I have any real special set of traits. Maybe you could call them “talents” if you want but I’d be careful. I’m very conscious that you’re judging me on what I’ve done as compared with what I feel like I want to do.

You have a very well structured routine where you train 4 to 6 times a week – do you know yourself why you do it this way or in a particular way? How is your life structured with respect to that routine?

In my training years, I was much more flexible with my training schedule because I’d find a way to make up for missed training, but when I was younger, my training schedule would be very structured and I would always take a week off at the start of each month. I think sometimes that’s something that the modern generation of athletes isn’t so much interested in – and that’s a shame because it’s the most important training week of the year.

You had a pretty short stint as an athlete. How do you approach what you want from an athlete in your own terms? Is all your focus in training or in performance? A lot of athletes I see are either looking for training that is very specific about certain exercises – or training that can be used in any kind of combination of exercises. Is your training structured to facilitate that sort of thing, or do you go with your own style?

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I do have a very structured routine in my life when it comes to training. I don’t think I’m any better than anyone else at doing it, but I have a really detailed plan and I work very hard at it. It has been in my life for over 20 years now – that’s what I do. And if you have a routine in your life that you adhere to for the majority of your life where

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