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“You don’t like me anymore.”

The words have been in your head for weeks. Maybe the words came out of your mouth so fast because you have been feeling down and out lately. You haven’t thought a lot about your relationship with Mom in weeks, just how you feel about her as a person.

You have a lot of stuff happening in your life in general, you have children that you have to work with, you have a job that doesn’t support you and has you working late and spending time away from home. All these new challenges seem like they are not going to be easy, but you have been so busy with all of them lately that you have let it slip by.

There has also been a lot of bad news lately, a ton of stuff that you could have done better, or did something at the last minute but didn’t. You’ve felt that it hurts and you have lost hope that things will get better. This is not good for anyone.

You have become so wrapped up in the world of relationships that a part of you feels trapped inside of it. You have been spending so much time in the relationship part of your life that you don’t even want to see it through.

What you have been feeling lately is the emptiness inside you that you never wanted in the first place.

You have been feeling like there is something terribly wrong with you, that you have completely failed in your life, that you’re not in a good place you think is going to bring you peace.

You’ve felt this strange sense of emptiness that you haven’t experienced since you were a kid and the first time you were kissed. The feeling of your heart breaking through your rib cage and your back breaking through your skin when you were little and then you were going to be kissed again when you were grown. You remember this feeling so vividly that if you could look in the mirror you would see a picture of this feeling in your face.

Now that you have grown, it doesn’t feel so good anymore. At all. Now, you haven’t lost anything that you care about or that you’re capable of. You have lost your ability to experience peace and security.

It feels like you have been left with nothing left to lose and nothing to try and gain – and that could be a blessing from God.

When God shows you His grace, you realize He is trying to provide you with the most

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