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Many people think that acrylic paint is NOT waterproof, but this is not true. The basic idea is that acrylic paints are water-based chemicals and when exposed to water or other solids, the acrylic paints will lose their paint-able color, or when exposed to light, the paints will lose their shiny white appearance (though you can use it in some paint application areas as a light-emitting surface). However, you can still paint acrylic paints without needing to worry about the paint coming off. You can put a little clear white or clear green on top of your acrylic paint before you paint it. Make sure there is still water on both sides of the paint before you paint. Paint that has been sitting will dry out quickly if not protected by air-tight plastic.

Also, acrylic paints can be used with any type of paint (non-paint) on any surface, but this is not recommended, especially if the color is too dark or is very pale. This could cause the paint to peel off or it can have a slight yellowish glow or “shine” in some instances. If the color is very pale in color and light is not strong enough to turn your paint to a transparent color, you have a problem with any paint product that contains acrylic.

How do I paint over a color that has been pasted onto my acrylic paint?

Now that you have successfully primed, watered down, and painted your color onto acrylic paint, the next step is to past our color on to your acrylic paint with your brush. We suggest using a fine-tip Sharpie pen to make the stencil outline. To avoid having the sharp tip of your Sharpie stick up in the air because it will become a very messy past-it tool on the floor, you can use a soft-tip or water-based marker pen for this. When I had the opportunity to show this to one of the instructors of our course this previous year, several said that this made the stencil more accurate and easier to remove and reapply. I think you’ll find that this is a good tool in painting with acrylic paints. I’d encourage you to practice some pasting a color on with the Sharpie paint while practicing painting the stencil (if you’re so inclined) before trying this.

If you are interested in learning an advanced technique for making stencils, we highly recommend that you attend one of our Advanced Painting Course taught by Master Instructors:

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