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A: As long as it has at least an oil-based finish, it would be a good idea to use some kind of water-based paint that does not penetrate to the fibers. Other acrylic paints do not have this property or do not have a water-based finish. If the paint has a water-based finish, it isn’t waterproof.

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Q: Can I use acrylic paint to give me a cool looking car?

A: We usually use acrylic paint for interior detailing and paint exterior paint over other paint colors.

Q: How hard is it to paint with acrylic paint? Does it hurt?

A: If you use a car wash or sandpaper while painting an area of acrylic paint (especially if you sand your paint too heavily), you might see some rough edges. Some people report that even with a soft cloth, if you are painting over any kind of material where it feels smooth, it could scratch the paint surface. The best way to avoid damage is to use high temperatures (not too hot, not too cool). The best way to give paint durability is to give it the right kind of weathering (or maybe that is just a myth, and a car wash will work great too!).

Q: What to do if you accidentally paint over an acrylic paint?

A: You can always try to remove the paint with the paint stripper again. But, most of the time that won’t work, so it’s a good idea to try to find some new acrylic paints that might suit your needs (in the next issue we want to cover how to use water based paints). If you have really experienced any kind of acrylic paint damage, we recommend you to send us an e-mail to discuss your situation. Don’t hesitate to send your pictures, and we will work on making a special solution.

Q: Is it necessary to use acrylic paint for interior detailing?

A: No, although if you do an interior detail, you might want to use more paint colors and thicker. Since acrylic paints are not waterproof, they won’t work for exterior, even high-quality automotive paints are not waterproof.

Q: Are there any other advantages to using acrylic paint over others?

A: If you are going to spend alot of money on acrylic, it would be better to do the whole body over the top of the acrylic paints.

Q: Is using different kinds of acrylic paint bad for the vehicle?

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