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Do you try the basic concepts or do you start by just thinking up some colouring lines which help you get a good idea of what you will create? Also I find that it is difficult to see the general shape or idea of the image before starting to create.

Caleb: I work directly in Photoshop to start off! I have to go over each pixel in Photoshop to figure out if it looks OK or not, then I just draw that pixel in Illustrator!

What did you think of this image? Does it look great? Which of your works are you planning to paint or draw in the near future?

Caleb: I really like creating the concept for each painting and I’m really happy with this one! I just drew over the whole drawing and got all the shading, then went over it a little bit more. It’s got a lot of detail and I got a lot of work happening on it 🙂

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The number of child deaths in the UK has reached an 80-year high in 2014

The UK has the highest number of deaths among children under the age of five in the developed world, new figures show.

It is the highest number – around 160 – in any one country over 10 years, a report suggests.

One million UK child deaths occur every year and it is estimated at least two-thirds come from vaccines.

In all cases, it is vaccine complications that are the cause.

It is the biggest single cause of death in children under five in the UK and Europe, according to the latest report to the Institute for Healthcare Quality on UK children’s health.

One in four babies in the UK are born before they are three months old, meaning the vast majority of their lives are blighted by sickness and disability.

A total of 16% of infants who die of preventable causes do so before they are one year old, the UK-based Institute said.

The report has emerged as ministers launch their new “one-stop shop” service to tackle vaccine preventable deaths.

Vaccine dangers – BBC health reporter, Nick Triggle

Image copyright Getty Images

Vaccines have saved countless lives in recent years. But they can cause serious problems.

In 2015, a child in the UK

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