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Is it important to keep it simple?
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For me it’s a personal thing, when I paint a painting it’s my family. When I paint a painting it’s for the whole family. We like seeing a lot of smiles on the face of everybody. It’s about family. If you have a family or if you have a group that you’re making something for, then it’s your family. It’s like, “I have my children, I have my family. It’s time for me to make something for them.”

The way we make it on my work is just to tell stories, I like that people are inspired by the thing I’m doing with

There’s no formula to how I work, it’s just a matter of what makes me happy at the moment and how I can help out. The best way of making a piece is the painting. If you’re talking about the paintings you do, I don’t know how I know those particular paintings I make, I just see them.

It’s the same with the music I make. The way I make sounds is based on the mood and the energy and what you call the energy that I’m dealing with at the moment. If I’m dealing with anger or sadness or pain, it’s because these things are happening and that’s how you make a piece. If I’m not having that, it’s just a random sound, the sound of the bike and that noise, and that makes me happy and that’s how it goes.

You’ve seen a great deal in your career when you’ve been in a band and you’ve had time to learn from your past peers that were better than you, who had more experience but didn’t quite fit in.

There are certain things that you’ll hear in music and that’s something that you see often, that it’s going to be like that or that’s a part of pop music or this kind of thing. You see artists who did things and made music that was really like that, where they made music that was really different from the ones that came before and they made it in a different way. For me I like to make music that fits in with my own feeling while I’m working on it.

There’s also good artists who are really good at making good stuff but they don’t really fit together, they’re a different person if they make another good thing than you are, and they’re just not part of what the audience is into at that specific

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