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I started a large canvas painting using only the black and orange paints as an inspiration! I started to paint in black and white to make my paintings look more solid and real, and the most important element of canvas painting, and what really brings the artistic expression, is the color!

The colors of every canvas should have some contrast with the background, and I use two types of color, white and a dark shade of black and orange, to give the visual atmosphere you can see in every painting I finish. It’s up to you how your canvas should work, but I definitely recommend you start with the black and white paintings that you would usually use when you are painting a picture, and go from there! That will give you plenty of choice when the idea of a new canvas comes to you.

Can you share how you go about choosing a color palette as your painting will be larger than just your canvas?

I look at every color used and see if it complements the image I am going for. I love experimenting with different colors, and the results are always interesting, and I’m not afraid to have my own way and to try different techniques. I just like trying new things.

What are the benefits when using acrylics in your paintings?

Can you imagine that the artwork on my canvas would have a different look and feel if I used a different colour palette (like acrylics)? I love the variety of different color and a great canvas can look so diverse, and that’s what is really cool!

What is your favorite canvas painting technique? Please share it in the comments below.

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Norman Grosman is an illustrator, painter, and blogger from Pennsylvania, USA. He enjoys all forms of graphic art including comic book covers and illustrations.

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