How do you draw an online course?

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You want an online course to be an effective strategy. If you follow some of these tips, you are guaranteed to see an increase in students enrolling in your course and a great increase in performance.

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“If the whole body is covered by a cloak of wind, let the wind blow.” – William Shakespeare, King Lear

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Many users are unaware of the significance of “wind” – the sound of the breeze in a particular area. Wind has a dramatic effect on the environment – it affects everything inside an area and may even affect the quality of water we drink.

Why are “windy” places good for wildlife?

Some say, the weather is more favourable for wildlife under windy conditions. If you look at any map it’s pretty easy to see that over the UK the weather is not always particularly stormy, if it is – sometimes the cold comes in very handy and in places it’s impossible to get to a safe place. In most climates, if you want to see wildlife, you’ll have to take a ferry or motorway journey far away.

It seems that, when I first read the saying, I thought it just referred to wildlife in general. The same applies to many other claims too. But here is an example I found interesting:

“…when there is an abundance of wind around it can actually act as positive feedback for natural processes in the area. You’re probably thinking “Oh yes – you only want to see the big ones; why would you see that in some places?” Well, what’s that got to do with windy conditions? Well, if you notice, those are areas where many wild animals are actually found. If you put the winds around an area, or the rain around an area, and you take the animal from there, it might not be the most common – but when conditions in those places are good, these animals are more likely to come to stay in those areas.”

I think most readers will agree,