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It requires more effort. When I think of drawing a course there’s usually one person that I’m thinking of first: you. After you’ve put so much time and effort into it…

What about the instructors when it comes to teaching online classes? Is this something that many people know about and maybe even like?

I think the biggest misconception is that there’s just a lot of people out there teaching online courses. We actually don’t have teachers that we don’t work with. There’s actually a lot of research that goes into everything we do. I would say, most people are doing us wrong. We work with people who are really dedicated to learning…and that’s what really gives us the best insight into how to design and implement our course.

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Some of your instructors were formerly teachers – what advice would you give someone like these?

A lot of what they have to accomplish are hard things. They might be having a difficult time getting funding. Many don’t have financial support within their school to put together their own course. They might be struggling to make ends meet. They need guidance to be able to be productive. To understand how to manage a class of 100 people is a challenge that they may be putting off until the course is too late. In the meantime, what’s important is that they recognize that they’re doing something they love and can make a living from doing that. One thing they can do is take the opportunity to have a conversation with themselves. If you’re struggling with making a living, you need to ask “are you doing something worth paying your own way for?” And if the answer is no, then it’s not worth a damn.

You’ve had a lot of interest from students who want to get into your content. Is there a particular area or topic that you think is particularly relevant to online content?

In my mind, there are a lot of topics that are the reason why people are taking online courses: They want to learn, but don’t have access to certain resources. There are people who could never study, but want to know whether you’ve got the same resources they have. One thing we see that’s really great is that people can go deep in understanding their own subject matter. Even though it’s a difficult subject to grasp, people can come to understand all the theory and science behind it.

Would you say that if you teach online, the goal is to make money, not to make money?

The truth is that I wouldn

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