How do you develop a drawing style? – Online Summer Art Programs For High School Students

Is it a conscious decision to draw something or is it an expression of your own personality? Do you have a style for every image you draw?

I don’t think that’s really something that’s been thought through, definitely. I think the image is the most important thing. And I don’t think of drawing things as a personal exercise—which is probably the most common misconception. I like drawing the way I see it, and I think about a lot of the images that I see everyday; I look, I imagine what the image really looks like. I like to take the best of all worlds and really let the image speak for itself, which is sometimes difficult to achieve with some of the other methods. I’m not totally sure where and how far I would consider myself in this regard though.

Is there a secret of your drawing style?

I think that’s kind of a weird question. I don’t really have a “style”. I have a general feeling about what I like to draw, I can just go with that as a guide. I probably have a style for every image I write down, if it’s for a character, a scene, a landscape, or an object. It depends on the story, of course. I just try to get a general feeling and a general feeling of what the story is about.

In the case of the drawings that have been published, I have no idea what they will look like after they are printed, because usually they won’t be published anywhere. I hope that one day they will be printed in a book and people can see them and enjoy them.

In a recent issue of The Art of the Novel, in the “Chronological” section, you write about the way the image is formed on its own. How do you go about doing that?

I start by tracing the image. I try drawing the image for a while and then try to think about it as a whole. At that point, you’re in the middle of it all; you’ve seen the image, you know what kind of drawing it is. You can start to form it as a whole or separate points and lines. It is difficult, but at the same time very satisfying too—you start to see the image in a new way, and you have a lot of confidence in yourself when you do it.

Can you describe the way in which you think about drawing your own characters?

Well, I have never drawn a character before, or

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