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When I was about 13, I started to draw some images. I was really into the manga genre. I went to a school named “Café Yohane” where I drew a lot of manga and I loved all kinds of art. Eventually, I studied art in Tokyo and began to draw more manga. My favorite manga were “Namida Kage no Ikenai” and the “Dragonball” manga.

During those times, even in my middle school days, I drew in manga. When I started to draw original stuff, I did not do all kinds of drawing style. I went back to drawing original manga, but the styles came back to that manga background and it became quite different from that manga background.

Then, I began to draw in a more formal style. It was my first style.

What about in the last years of my life?

About 20 years ago, I thought about drawing manga. Then, I realized, even if I did such a style, I might not get more jobs or make many friends. So my first reaction was that I should leave manga and continue my studies.

By the way … The style I like is that of drawing cartoons, but that does not mean I want to draw manga drawings. The style that I liked for the last 20 years in drawings has become a style. I do what I like and I like what I like. This is not like wanting to draw manga.

That’s why, I wanted to draw something else, but then I was thinking about that, and thinking that this is a way to take care of my family and then it became something. It is also that my dad was dying when my first two children were born, but when I was able to continue with the children’s education, I am doing it now.

When I was in high school, I had lots of friends, but then many of them said that what I do is very hard to learn. That is because it is about learning drawing technique and it takes a long time, but it will come.

But sometimes, even when I start to draw, I do not know what I should do. The main thing is that I like drawing, this is why I keep drawing.

I want you to learn manga, just like it is for me

I feel a bit sorry for some of you, because the manga you like will not have a style that suits you. You do not know which

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