How do you develop a drawing style? – Online Color Art Lessons For Middle School

Learning your way around the basics. The basic forms of drawing are easy to grasp, and there’s something to be gained from working on a piece slowly and patiently until all that’s left is how well you can bring the line to the line.

The trick is to use the right tools when necessary. In traditional art, people would use a pen to hold a pencil between their fingers so they could manipulate the lines to draw as best as they could. Using wet-noodle paper or a thin brush, they would draw by hand a line across a piece of cloth to indicate how the line should be shaped and how the character should be represented, using the pen to make the outline and the brush to erase. In the end, the artist must do this all for themselves.

But there’s also a lot of creativity in drawing, something you can learn to cultivate while practicing with pencils. By creating patterns on the paper with the pen, you can shape the characters to the point where it becomes almost a drawing, and the drawing becomes a process, like the one shown below:

But that process can be extended further. To create a whole design on a piece of paper, you use a small flat-ground drawing board to help you find the proper shape. This helps you to concentrate purely on the object or character you wish to communicate. A little bit of practice with a pen and some paper can lead to amazing results.

You can see more of David’s work here.

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MEMPHIS — The Memphis Grizzlies and free agent center Marc Gasol and his agent both announced the teams were parting ways on Friday afternoon after a year and a half together.

A Grizzlies official didn’t confirm any names but sources told ESPN that former Memphis Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins, who coached Gasol at Duke in 2012-13, was one of the coaching candidates for the job. Hollins didn’t respond to a request for an interview on Friday afternoon.

Hollins and the Grizzlies reportedly had talked about the job a number of times,

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