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What is the pay scale?

The course is $20 per hour or $45 for a full day, with a weekly $4.99 rate. Full-time students are assigned a full-time instructor. The course is meant for those who have art, printmaking, or fine arts degrees but don’t know how to start creating their own works, or don’t wish to do it themselves. If you’ve completed a printmaking or fine arts course, or even just a design course in college, then you may be looking for advice on what to take to the board.

There will be two different days, one on Fridays at 5:30 and one on Sundays at 5:30. For information, check the website:

How can art be applied to healthcare?

Since artistry is a central part of the healthcare system, it is important to work with artists and designers who are using art in healthcare in different ways to better understand and adapt the designs.

The health system’s “digital design toolkit” uses different types of printmaking and design arts, especially those that look like traditional artworks. It uses the internet to encourage ideas from the health care community. The digital design toolkit can be used on the web, but it can also be downloaded and used at large scale. The toolkit provides advice on choosing materials and how to make designs and illustrations.

There really needs to be a shift in thinking on the part of designers and medical practitioners and there needs to be a move into digital design to help develop new approaches. It has been tried; you can see it all the time with doctors and hospitals. But it’s not a quick way to develop new ideas but has taken longer and been less innovative than the approach needed.

The healthcare system is constantly looking for the next big new idea, which is why we need to be creative to give patients creative tools and new approaches.

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What kind of education can I get from these classes?

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