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When I’m trying to figure out what my artwork is about, I go in a big circle, from one end to the other. And that is like, you know, a drawing class is actually really great at this because you work in a drawing class and you don’t get bored, you don’t ever have anything in your brain. It’s so good because you learn to become better in it. Because when you come out, you sit down to this drawing class and you do whatever the teacher says and what he says. It’s the same kind of thing, because the kind of thing I teach people is, I don’t really even know what the word art style is, until I have, like, three hundred images of paintings, and I know that they are my style, what I’m teaching that’s my style is, like, when you’re making a car I don’t know how far a car’s going, but when you make a car, you create this car of your art style, that’s the kind of thing I teach.

NARRATOR: A teacher has the power to give you a different kind of style, one that might help you stand out from the crowd.

PATRICIA LINDHOLM: Now, of course, the question that everyone has always had is, how can you create that work of art? And I always say to people, it’s not what you paint, it’s what you paint. Or you have these words on your wall, but you have to look at them inside. And you always make the mistake of coming up with art. It’s what you paint, and that’s where the true master is. And he’ll take your art, and he’ll transform it and see that that’s art. And then, of course, I’ll ask him, why do you have that work in the first place? And he will always tell me, he can paint a picture, but no one can see it. It’s art. The painter can paint a picture, but it’s the only one that people will really see.

NARRATOR: You need just a little bit of inspiration every day, and that spark of inspiration is sometimes created by an unknown artist. One of them is the man in the painting at the center of our story, Michael Jackson.

MATT GRAHAM: He really, actually, does have this work that he loves, and I mean it with a lot of love, because he really likes people

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