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When you’re a beginner, you have to figure this out for yourself. The easiest way is by looking at what others are doing. Look for good examples of drawing on the web.

You can also look at other artists’s work. Check out the people you admire. You can try to imitate their work, or at least look at something they did that is similar to yours. If you’re feeling good at drawing, then feel bad about it and do a bunch of tutorials on drawing.

If you think you’re great at drawing, then you can go to workshops in which artists teach you. You can also go to magazines and read about people who are really good at drawing. The more you have, the easier it is. If you’ve got that, then go for it!

What do I have to look like when I draw?

You have to be a confident, confident guy, and also be able to put a lot of work into things you draw.

You’ve got to look like a confident, confident man.

If you’re a very tall guy, you’re more likely to have to look a little taller.

How do I get started?

I would recommend you to start with something you’re already familiar with. Pick something with character that you like (such as superheroes or monsters). Start off with something simple like a drawing of a character. Once you can draw a character in a comfortable manner, then you can start adding more and more detail as you learn more about the skills that you have.

What do I need to know?

Learn the basics of pencil, ink and the fundamentals of painting. You’ll quickly develop these skills and become competent. This would give you the most confidence if you could do the basics of drawing. The more you look up and down on the art forms, the better you’ll feel. Do it early on!

Can I learn more on this site?

Yep. I’ve linked to a bunch of other sites that include a lot more information. You can find any type of drawing on my “Drawing Tips” page, including:

How do I improve my drawing?

If you get frustrated with your first attempts of drawing, don’t give up on it. After you’ve tried several different methods, you’ll be able to master it. Do all of the techniques, and do it over and over until you become an expert. I’m not really a fan of ”

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