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Still not sure in what shape the NFL is in now?

The NFL might have just become more diverse after all.

NFL Media reports that the National Football League is in the process of restructuring the diversity initiative, which was instituted after the Ray Rice domestic violence scandal. ESPN’s Rachel Nichols told USA Today Sports that the league made the changes during their meeting in Dallas over the weekend, and were not done at the meetings earlier that month in St. Louis when the league had to make a difficult decision about Ray Rice.

“To be quite candid, the only reason we’ve been able to work through a difficult situation of this magnitude and see the results is a great relationship with everyone,” commissioner Roger Goodell said, according to CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora.

But it’s worth mentioning that this is not exactly news. From the NFL’s press release:

As part of the overall business plan, the NFL today announced it is rebranding the diversity initiative to “Players of Color” and is exploring new opportunities to further grow and reach out to more minorities.

Here’s what else Goodell has said in the past:

“When we launched diversity initiatives nine years ago, we did so with an understanding of the significant work that still needs to be done. It is incumbent upon us to do that work and to see where we are in making progress. At this point, the work to combat sexual assault is the most significant work we are trying to do. I am encouraged that those efforts are moving forward. It’s a hard and important task but that’s not an excuse to not do anything.”

But that’s not to say the league hasn’t done its best to reach out to minority audiences, with black NFL players like Adrian Peterson, Reggie Bush, and DeSean Jackson being among the faces of the movement.

The league also

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