How do beginners learn to paint? – Online Art Classes For High School Students

The first time I did it, I just went and gave it a go. A lot of people are going to paint on a hobby machine. That’s how it will progress… You’ll need to do research and do a lot of trial and error, even if you do it as a beginner.

Is it always a good idea to learn to paint on canvas? It depends on the task. Some people will have all the knowledge they need to do the job of paint, and others will have very little knowledge. There are other things to consider, such as what kind of canvas you like to paint on, how it will look if it’s painted, what kind of medium you use and what the paint will be on… I think, when we’re done, that will be the best advice to give. In my opinion, painting on a white canvas is best, otherwise it can look too washed out. That’s your personal preference, of course.

Do you recommend starting with painting on traditional canvas or painting with digital canvas? In the same way as for painting on wood or paper, it’s important to choose a medium you are comfortable with. With digital canvas, it is much easier to learn the rules of the trade and have good results than it used to be. With traditional, on the other hand, you have to decide carefully what you are going to do, even if you have some kind of experience.

Which painting technique are you the most proud of? I’m especially happy with the way I paint on my acrylics in particular… The way I apply them, they go on so cleanly in the air. You can see on the pictures that my brushes are not too long, and they go out in a single stroke. Also the way I paint on the picture itself is very clean: no need to worry about dust or anything else getting in your paint.

I’m really glad I took the time to answer your questions. I really hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed answering them!

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