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The process is not only about picking up the tools you need for painting, but the skill and mindset required to get the project completed. Beginners have difficulty maintaining focus and attention to detail during all the different paint steps.

For example when the finished canvas should feel like something, but does not and that is why the canvas needs to be “reconstituted”. A “reconstruction” of the canvas is a process to completely rebuild the canvas, using the same paint that you had planned. The process can include applying a different medium, or even applying the same material but with an improved finish. The process is often called “reconstruction” as it will take time and patience.

You can paint without a paint, but you will have no idea how to use it properly until you try. Learn about the different paint materials by reading our painting guides, which contain information such as:

Types (from left to right): Acrylics, Paints, Satins, Pastel, Bricks, Oil.

You can learn to paint by looking at a picture or drawing in your studio, but the process of learning paint is different to learning other skills such as music or dancing. The learning curve for painting is steep, and only a “good” painting can be considered good. You should begin your journey by learning how to pick up paints and then use them to create something that looks “good” on the canvas.

How do I prepare a painting?

The “beginner” or “tinkering” process is a very long process, but learning how to paint is really what makes painting art. It’s difficult to explain but basically you must paint, then you must learn how to do it better.

A painting can be considered complete once it has been fully painted with different paint materials. You may have tried painting on a canvas with a thin layer of paint, but there are limits to just what you can achieve using a thin layer. As the pigment content in a painting reaches its max, and you start to develop certain techniques, you will eventually find new ways of painting.

In your journey to paint you may find it helpful to familiarise yourself with painting principles – see our painting guides.

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How do I do the “beginner’s mistake” and stop painting?

At the beginning you may find it very difficult to create something that looks “good”. The more you practice, the easier it will be.

This may be

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