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Just put it in the mixer and blend it up!

Do you wash the brush before painting? Again, not a huge deal as long as you’re not using super toxic detergent–and the bristles need to be washed after the application. You can also simply paint over a wet brush or let the paint dry over a sponge.

How do you clean your brushes?

Now that I’m a little more experienced and have better brushes, I’ve come across ways to dry my synthetic brushes clean. I have to admit I’ve been using some of these techniques for years, even years before I started writing about it. I was always hesitant on using these types and methods but it’s definitely worth it.

One of the best tools is a little canister of distilled water. It’s not necessarily a cleaning solution per se or a fancy product, but it does get the job done. Just a small quantity of distilled water (a cup full) will do, and even a little more liquid will do even better. To get the best clean results with the synthetic bristles, use distilled water right before you start painting. Not so much for scrubbing, but for washing the surfaces afterward.

There are a lot of different ways to dry paint–it all depends on how dirty you want your brushes to get, but the best strategy remains the same: a little bit of distilled water right before you start.
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The Best Brush Care Products I Use:

I know I have plenty of brushes, but there are a LOT of different products I use to keep my brushes looking their best. My personal favorites are these 3!

Clay Brushes

All synthetic materials need a little extra care while painting. The easiest way to ensure your brushes look new is by using clay brushes.

These simple clay brushes have a flat surface so you can paint on them quickly and easily. I love them because they’re incredibly hard for any paint to penetrate. And they’re so light you can use them as a brush holder.

If you have more expensive brushes, you can buy a set of different clay brushes for different colors or styles. You can get a set of 8 to save on expensive brushes.

Here, I’ve painted over a piece of black cardboard. I have to say, after looking into more clay brushes, this is one of my favorites. I use them for the entire paint color selection: brown for my green, blue for my yellow, and tan for my black

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