Do you need to prime canvas for acrylic paint?

(Yes, please!) We make it incredibly easy.

We use our own canvas for all prints and paintings that are finished in acrylic paints. Not only do we provide the most attractive finishes, we make it as easy as possible for you.

For most paintings, we have a large number of colors we can use, but please contact us for details on that.

For painting that requires a high quality of finish, there are several techniques that are available to us. Our painter will give you an in-depth analysis of your painting before making a final decision on the choice of colors to use to provide a finished experience.

We work in a flexible environment. We use local contractors who do their best to ensure every detail is as perfect as possible for every painting.

The next big event in the sports scene has taken place in Vancouver. The 2016 Canadian Football League season began on the Sunday night before New Year’s Eve in August when Vancouver Eskimos head coach and general manager Tim Hortons CEO Bob Young and the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ general manager Marcel Desjardins held draft day.

“It was the first time in a long time we have been doing this again. We went through the process in 2016 and the year before that of getting together with Tim (Hortons) and Marcel to help bring the football side of things to the league and to help them do that and this year we are going to go all out and try and make the best out of this opportunity,” said Young.

While there were a few trades made along the way, all the moves made to date were of the most fundamental sort and the result was a CFL Championship and a berth in the Grey Cup for the Eskimos.

What did it take? Four CFL draft picks, the services of two senior players off the CFL roster who were drafted as rookie free agents and a bunch of time and resources.

“It was an incredible team effort. There were lots of trades. But my thoughts have been, in the process of all of that, there is no easy path to victory. You can’t find somebody that’s a free agent that’s going to be available for you, because nobody knows where they’re going to be,” said Desjardins of where he expected to be drafted based on some of the deals he made with Winnipeg and Toronto, two clubs that did well in the draft.

But the fact remains the Roughriders didn’t fall just because there were few pieces