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You will need a few things that you can get from craft shops that are well stocked, and at least three colors: Red, Black, and Gray. You can get some of the basic acrylic primers for $6 at the craft shops. If you can’t find them, you can paint by hand, though this can be quite expensive, too.

I use a brush that I bought for about $10 for this particular tutorial. I have done my own versions of this pattern with paint pens, but these are easier to use, and faster to dry, so it’s usually the first thing I do. For this tutorial, I will be using acrylic paint. You can use paint for everything, including the painting of other objects, but I will be doing most of this on my own brush, since it can be less expensive than using a brush with a permanent color. You could also use brushes with acrylic spray paints, but you would have to experiment to see what works best.

When you are ready to paint, take your brush and gently apply it to each square on the canvas. Be very gentle here, it wants to leave the edges of the area where the pattern appeared white, and if it doesn’t, try brushing it with water or using something such as a rag, then lightly rub the brush over the area until it becomes white. You will want to do this for each square as you add the paint from different colours to it.

When you have added the first small amount of paint to the squares, rub them in. Make sure the paints dry as quickly as possible. Then take a piece of white cloth and tie it to the edge of each square.

You can use this to draw the designs onto the canvas. You will have to create a little bit of pressure to pull the threads through the cloth, it will be a little bit awkward with your finger nails, but once it is all tied, just start drawing, and the thread will come out much easier. You need to draw the pattern lines like this:

Draw them a little bit bigger than you would like, and then tap some paint in the area you wouldn’t like to have the holes in it filled with. You can use an old cloth and draw the circles or holes a couple of inches away from the edge so that it makes more pattern on the object. It will be hard to draw exactly where you want on to the canvas as soon as you use the paint, so you will keep drawing, tap, and

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